Just Friends Or Nah? Lauren London Spotted With Nipsey Hussle On Tour


Does Lauren London have a sweet spot for bad boys? Well if what we’re hearing is true, then she definitely does!

This past week, AllWestEverything.com has been hearing some strong rumors about Lauren London and rapper Nipsey Hussle possibly being an item.

This week, several NH fans began tweeting that the L.A bred beauty was spotted with him at his North Carolina tour date. Some tweets said that Lauren was on the side of the stage watch Nipsey as he performed for a sold out crowd, and some fans were saying that they allegedly saw her sitting on his lap after the show.

Check out some tweets from concert goers below:



Sounds legit, but where are the photos? I wanna see some proof. Meanwhile, this morning a NC blogger revealed that she actually saw Lauren exiting Nipsey’s tour bus as she prepped for a interview with him.

Read her account below.


As most of you KNO, I had the chance to interview Nipsey Hussle during his stop in NC but I didn’t tell you what I seen!

So, While waiting on my camera guy “Dev Shot ya” i watched Nipsey Hussle’s tour bus pull up. As everyone exits the bus, I see this beautiful woman get off the bus with him! I said to myself, that’s Lauren London, but I wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to look crazy so I shook it off. I planned to ask Nipsey during our interview but I like for my interviews to be strictly about the music.

But it looks like Nipsey has told on himself! In his recent release, (after our interview) “Between Us” Nipsey tells his fans that I wasn’t crazy and that was Lauren London!

He says:

“Let’s fly out to Atlanta,

You played that role like ain’t a problem

I fuck wit yo style

You should be somebody stylin”

Not too sure if the song and Lauren relate, but who knows.  Do you think Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle are really dating or just friends? We all know that L.A is super small, so it really could be something innocent. But on the flip side, Lauren definitley knows how to keep her personal life out of the press (I.e Trey Songz, Lil Wayne and 4-year-old son that we’ve never seen a clear picture of) and even if they are dating, she would never confirm it.

So much for the Nipsey Hussle/China Love & Hip-Hop spin off we were hoping for.

We’ll put them on couple watch and keep ya’ll updated.

Just Friends Or Nah? Lauren London Spotted With Nipsey Hussle On Tour
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